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    January 10, 2005

    100 Things About me

    1. I like to cook.

    2. I like for things in my life to be consistent.

    3. My favorite color is Red.

    4. I have a difficult time with those who aren't decisive. For Pete's sake, just tell me where you want to eat, what movie you want to see or shut the hell up when I make the choice for you and you are unhappy with it.

    5. My oldest friend and I met in first grade.

    6. I adore authentic-Mexican food.

    7. I find most [not all] women too be very catty.

    8. I have absolutely no patience for bullshit.IE...People who can't drive, those who waste my time with details I do not need, people who refuse to listen, general stupidity, that kinda thing!

    9. I obsess about germs and washing my hands.

    10. I hit a cow when I was a senior in high school. It landed in the bed of the truck, I took it home with me and my parents butchered it.

    11. I have recurring dreams about my teeth crumbling.

    12. I think people take political correctness entirely too far. I cannot stand the fact that some of us think the world should conform to our way of thinking!

    13. I am a Christian. [I originally typed "I am a Christina" LOL]

    14. I'm an animal person. [When I'm not hitting or running over them with my car]

    15. I think people who do not like cats are very insecure.

    16. I am not a morning person.

    17. I am a compulsive list maker, but I usually forget that I made one. My purse is full of various lists for groceries and things to do, but I never look at them after I make them until I decide to clean out my purse!

    18. I hate playing 20 questions first thing in the morning. Playing this game with me any earlier than 1 hour after I wake up is a sure fire way to see me breathe fire and reduce you to a pile of ashes.

    19. I love to laugh and make others laugh [when I'm not reducing them to little piles of ashes].

    20. I have a very warped sense of humor.

    21. It is very difficult to offend me with humor.

    22. I tend to overthink things. A LOT!

    23. I'm not sure how this happened, but I kinda like doing laundry.

    24. I hate to clean house, but apparently there is no cleaning fairy. I do clean on occasion, but I plan on hiring someone to do that for me in the future.

    25. I hate dating.

    26. For the most part, I like being single.

    27. I frequently fall asleep in the bathtub.

    28. I am a conservative minded person.

    29. I think it's a good thing Darwinism exists.

    30. I love to BBQ and I grill some mean Ribeye Steaks.

    31. I will never divulge the secret recipe.

    32. I can be very sarcastic and I enjoy bantering with people that are fun and quick-witted.

    33. I am missing that shop til you drop gene that most women tend to have. I hate shopping. I go in, get what I need and leave. Don't ever ask me to go shopping. You will hate me!

    34. I have never had a one night stand.

    35. I really miss my grandparents!

    36. I love pulling pranks on people.

    37. I am adopted.

    38. I've always felt like I was just given away like an unwanted pet.

    39. I have 1 sister, 2 step brothers, 1 step sister and 2 half brothers. 3 mothers and 3 fathers. I am also the oldest, the middle child and an only child! Now figure that out!

    40. My parents are the mom and dad who raised me and nothing in this world can change that.

    41. That's the most important thing I have ever learned.

    42. If my tennis shoes get dirty, I trash them and just buy a new pair.

    43. I see no real use for pubic hair.

    44. If someone tells me I can't do something, it makes me want to do it even more.

    45. I am totally in to kitchen gadgets.

    46. I am a Dr Pepper freak.

    47. I don't drink coffee, but I adore the smell of it.

    48. I hate the fact that abortion even exists.

    49. My favorite flower is a Gardenia.

    50. Water is soothing to me. The sight, sound and smell of it just totally relaxes me.

    51. I have a hard time being honest with people when I know I may hurt their feelings, but I always try to tell the truth.

    52. I am not a very good multi-tasker.

    53. Thunderstorms, rainy days and over-cast days are the best days in the world!

    54. I hate clutter.

    55. My taste in home decor changes like the wind.

    56. I can't stand to be hot and I prefer to sleep with the a/c set at 65.

    57. I have a huge fear of abandonment.

    58. I should probably seek some therapy for that, but it ain't gonna happen in this lifetime.

    59. I hated piano lessons.

    60. It drives me nuts when someone loses their train of thought, and I have to sit through 14 other stories before they ever get back to the end of the first one. My mother is very guilty of this!

    61. I'm not much on drinking.

    62. Plus I cry when I toss my cookies!

    63. I refuse to cry in front of others.

    64. I am very ~in~ to big boy toys...ie, vehicles, large screen TV's, top of the line audio/video equipment, camera's, pc's, etc. Keep the diamonds. I like toys!

    65. I am a closet NASCAR fan.

    66. If you're gay, I don't need an announcement. In all liklihood, I already know or I will figure it out when you introduce someone as your date. I am not so dense that I need to be told. Really...I never announced my heterosexuality. People eventually figured it out on their own.

    67. I don't like to give unsolicited advice, but that doesn't often stop me from offering it.

    68. I hate drama. Spare me please.

    69. It is my hope that I will never find myself in front of a news crew describing how the tornado sounded just like a freight train, because 1. I don't prefer to ever see a tornado and 2. I do not wish the fact that I sound like a southern hick broadcasted on the national news!

    70. I despise adultery and if you are committing adultery, I am not the person to confide in.

    71. I talk and sing in my sleep quite frequently.

    72. I talk open and freely about anything that comes to my mind.

    73. I hate it when men come on to me like they have a raging hard-on.

    74. When someone has feelings for me I am usually clueless unless they flat out tell me. I am that dense and I definitely need an announcement for that.

    75. Although I am a decent swimmer, I'm a little paranoid about drowning.

    76. I'm gonna be needing a boob job. *smirks*

    77. I don't often message people on my IM lists because I feel like I am intruding most of the time.

    78. I am very competitive.

    79. My family is not very close.

    80. I am however, very close to my daddy and his side of the family.

    81. I am a certified florist.

    82. I am looking to change careers and I am not interested in pursuing anything I am trained to do. Go figure!

    83. I am 100% committed to having a fabulous relationship with my future husband.

    84. I will only marry if that person can commit 100% to the same.

    85. I don't hold a grudge.

    86. I love to country dance.

    87. I prefer action movies.

    88. I have a very weak tummy and gag at anything even remotely foul smelling. In fact, you can just talk about something gross and I will start wretching.

    89. I am a very picky eater and I hate for people to try and convince me to try something I know I don't like.

    90. I despise being startled awake...Hence, my disdain for alarm clocks!

    91. If you send me a chain letter or some other email to which I "must" respond or something terrible will happen to me, I will permanently block you from sending me email. WTF is your problem anyway? I don't need more bad luck!

    92. My favorite actor is Tommy Lee Jones.

    93. I love backyard cookouts...Barbecues...whatever you wanna call them. My house, your house...doesn't matter.

    94. I like to watch Bull Riding.

    95. I like fishing.

    96. I was born in Houston, Texas and lived there until I was almost 6.

    94. Eventually, I would like to build my dreamhouse and live in the country.

    95. Patience is not one of my stronger virtues.

    96. I don't really like making plans. I'm more of a spur of the moment kinda girl.

    97. I think the smell of Polo Cologne is orgasmic.

    98. I laugh uncontrollably when I see someone fall and I really wish I wouldn't do that.

    99. I pray frequently and silently before each meal...even if I am alone.

    100. I am chronically late and my dad says I will be late to my own funeral, which is okay because they really can't start without me can they?

    101. I despise drinking and driving and more often than not, I volunteer to be the designated driver.

    102. I don't need to drink to have a good time.

    103. I adore cats and could very easily wind up becoming some weird old cat lady if I'm not careful.

    104. I totally dig dogs too, but not as much as I dig cats.

    105. The most watched channel at my house is Animal Planet.

    106. I love to watch the show "Cops" because I think nothing is funnier than reality.

    107. I would never have enough patience to be a cop. [See numbers 8 & 95]

    108. Halloween is my favorite "holiday", followed closely by Christmas.

    109. I am entirely too sensitive for my own good.

    110. I am very proud of my Texas heritage.

    111. I really want to learn more about html and CSS, but I don't think I have the patience to learn it. [Again, see number 95]

    112. I would love to witness the power of a really strong hurricane, but only if I could view it in guaranteed safety!

    To be continued...

    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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