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    January 31, 2005

    The Day After

    Well it appears by all accounts that the election in Iraq went quite well. Despite the threat of danger, many Iraqis turned out in droves to let their voices be heard. One can only imagine the fear most of them felt as they headed out to the polls. A while back, I ran across this blog which is written by a young Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad. I have not been able to stop reading the incredible accounts of her life in Iraq. Through her words, she is able to give us insight into her world and culture that you will not find on any news site. In one of her recent entries, she spoke of the fear she and her family has felt about voting in yesterday's election. Her entry yesterday, although very short and to the point, brought tears to my eyes. Stop by and have a read!
    It's been a week now and I am still waiting to hear from B. I was prepared for him to be out of touch for several days, but not for an entire week. I am really hoping now that the roads have reopened, that I will hear from him today or late tonight. I know that I am probably worried for nothing, but I need to hear from him in a really bad way right about now. *Keeping my fingers crossed*
    Quick Update:
    All is well! I received a phone call this evening and he's fine! I'd like to say I knew he would be, but the fact is that I'm a wuss when it comes to this. I'm new at this whole Military & Deployment thing. He's been there before, but I didn't know him then and all I can say is THANK THE LORD HE IS RETIRING AFTER THIS! Oh what a happy day that will be!
    Turns out the phones and internet were down for a few days over there. The base is going through transition with new troops coming in, some going home. Internet equipment comes and goes with each move. To top it off, they had nightly missions that were taking place during hours that he is usually able to call or get online, not that he would have been able to call with the phones down anyway, but there ya have it. Whew! He's fine and I will someday learn not to be such a ninny! You guys are the bestest! Thank you for all the support! YOU GUYS ROCK!

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