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    January 06, 2005

    Oh What a Relief!

    I talked to Brian again this morning. So far we are averaging about 1 phone call per day, which is A LOT more than I ever expected! I can't tell you how happy I am about that! There is a 9 hour time difference between here and Kuwait, so phone calls come either around midnight or between 8 and 9 am! At least there is a pattern to this madness! lol He had some good news of sorts. The commanders and some of the troops were able to speak with several of the people that Brian and his Company will be replacing. It was a huge relief to hear that they haven't had much of a problem with the IED's [Improvised Explosive Devices] that we read about here daily! Apparently there is a trained crew that goes ahead of the Convoy to sweep for these things to make sure the Transportation Company is safe. He said the convoy moves along at speeds of 65 MPH and pretty much everything that could house these IED's [guardrails, trees, sign posts, buildings, etc] have been removed, so other than on the road itself, there really isn't any place to hide these things. The sweepers come through and get rid of anything that could possibly contain explosives and then the Convoy can move through safely! I don't know of these people are just really good at what they do, or if there just isn't a lot of action happening in the area he will be working in, but in any case, I am happy happy happy to hear this news! In the year that the current Transportation Company has been there, they have only had one incident involving an IED. It exploded and one guy was injured, but he drove like hell to get out of there and kept going until he made it to help. I guess everyone behind the explosion wasn't allowed to pass or something. I'm guessing, here so...Um, yeah...We'll just call it an educated guess after all the crap I've read on this stuff!

    I probably won't be hearing from Brian for the next few days. He is leaving on some kind of training mission on Friday and won't be back until Sunday. He will still be in Kuwait, in fact they're only going about 30 minutes away from the base. They will be doing military training...Stuff..Like shooting and tactical type national guard ...Stuff. Yeah..Something like that! Heck, I dunno what it's called. Most of our conversations are a blur since they usually occur in the middle of the night, or shortly after I wake up! I just realized that we haven't gone a day without at least talking to each other since the day we met!
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