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    January 03, 2005

    Time to Blow off Some Steam

    This article makes me want to cry. Not only is this crap happening in Iraq, but also in Kuwait?!?! And here I thought Brian was relatively safe for now while he is waiting to go into Iraq. Oh no, we can't have me believing that now can we? I understand why we're fighting this war, I support it and I understand why Brian is there, but part of me wants to say to hell with it it, why bother. In my heart I want to be as much of a support as I can be to Brian, but its so fucking hard to muster it up when I know that there are so many who want to blow him to pieces simply because he's THERE!

    I have no clue how I am going to get through this next year with my sanity. Every time I talk to Brian I'm thinking it may be the last time. I have no idea how military wives and families keep from going insane reading things like this. I have no idea where they pull their strength from and I have no clue how they can manage getting through it more than once when a family member goes back for a second time. I guess all I can do is pray for his safety, pray for enough strength and courage for both of us and hope for the best.

    Perhaps I should just stop reading and watching the news! Now there's a spiffy idea!
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