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    March 17, 2005

    Happy St. Patty's Day & Top O'the Mornin' to ya!

    I have never been much on St. Patrick's day and I blame it on my mother who forced me to take five plus years of piano lessons! Oh sure I'm happy I can play the piano today, but that damn Cockles and Mussels song, yes, the same song you are listening to as you read this, drove me and everyone else in our household INSANE! My piano teacher, Mrs. Nelson saw that my left hand and right hand were not very coordinated, and as such, my hands didn't care much for doing two different things at once. Sure the first part of the song was boring and easy, but about a third of the way trough the song is where my brain would short circuit and my hands went berserk! So every week, on top of my new lesson for that week, I had to play Cockles and Mussels during each lesson for about six months straight, which meant that I had to practice this song IN BETWEEN EACH LESSON for six months straight as well. It is amazing that my parents survived the horrid sounds coming from the living room, not to mention my frustrated SCREAMS! Even our dog and two cats went into hiding every time I began to play my psychotic rendition of this damned song! Well, the dog wasn't so smart. We only had to follow the sound of her howling to find her location, but I digress. To this day, this song reminds me of St. Patrick's day. Mostly because Mrs. Nelson threatened that I would have to play it at the St. Patty's Day Recital. Luckily for me...And the audience that would have had to suffer through it with me, that recital never came to fruition! Yes, miracles do happen!
    So today, the internet gets to enjoy the song as it was meant to be....Without all the screaming, without the pulling out of the hair, without the dog howling and without my dyslexic fingers butchering it to shreads!

    Care to learn more about St. Patrick and what the celebration is really all about? Check out The History Channel Website and watch the video!

    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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