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    March 18, 2005

    Keeping it Real!

    As if my reality isn't enough for me, I am rather addicted to Reality Television. I'm not sure why, but sitcoms don't really do it for me. I enjoy a good movie, but I prefer to watch those on my own schedule, not when I have fifty other things I should be doing. I also prefer those without commercial interruptions and in their entirety, which means I buy or rent them.
    Fear Factor, although it certainly is not based on ANYTHING I consider realistic, is one I can't seem to miss. I have no clue what day or time it actually comes on, I just seem to catch it and when I do, I can't tear myself away from it! With each event, I can't help but wonder if I could actually do the tasks they are given. Without a doubt, I couldn't eat anything gross...EVER. Anything like that would automatically disqualify me because I would simply refuse. I don't have a fear of heights, so those types of tasks wouldn't be a problem for me especially since there are safety precautions involved like A DROP LINE THAT CATCHES YOU BEFORE YOU HIT THE GROUND! Pfft! No sweat at all there! I just don't get why people are so afraid of those particular tasks, but of course, I say that from the safety of my couch. Ha!
    American Idol is another one I am hooked on. I can't say I have a clear favorite this year, but there are a few that I am pulling for. As you can probably tell, I am very into music and I really enjoy live music.

    A couple of friends and I have made this show a reason to get together for dinner every week. Each of us bring either the main course or a side dish. We miss a week here or there, but we're usually on the phone with each other judging each performance. I just hate it when contestants get all "pitchy", because ya know, "pitchiness" does not make for a good American Idol. What I actually hate is when the judges use that word after every performance! And Simon? Someone really should remove the stick from that guys ass, he might be a bit more tolerable. Unless of course he's into that kind of thing.
    Now Playing: The Boys Are Back in Town, By: Jessica Sierra, Idol Contestant

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