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    My version of a Totally Sque'd reality!

    March 31, 2005

    Screw the truth! I'll just hear what I want to hear, thanks!

    Obviously my hearing is slightly Sque'd! It seems I misunderstood that Brian will be on base until the END OF THE MONTH, not for the next ENTIRE month! I suppose there is some truth about hearing what we want to hear and quite frankly, I prefer my version of that conversation! So guess what? It's the end of the month now and he's leaving on a new mission tonight.

    I hate to break the bad news to our government, but I am ready to withdraw my troop! I wonder who I should speak to about this new development?! Italy withdrew their troops, I don't see why I can't withdraw mine. I may even impose sanctions on any further use of my troop in the future.

    Now Playing: Billy Jean, By: Michael Jackson
    [Just gotta play some Jackson before/or in case he's found guilty. I don't think I could play it after.]
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