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    March 04, 2005

    That's it! I'm outta here!

    I know it's only noon, but I'm packin' it in for the weekend and heading out to visit the parental units. Although they are two hours away, I can hear the BBQ and margarita's calling my name and who am I to resist such temptation?

    I talked to Brian last night and I am totally out of my funk and ready to go have a good time! I also see that he stopped by under the cover of darkness and left a comment. What a sneak!

    Also, to those of you who haven't done your "100 Things About Me" list...It's time to get on the ball! Go on now! Get it done! I did mine a while back, but I finally got around to linking to it over there! ----->

    Margarita's here I come! Have a great weekend folks!

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