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    April 15, 2005

    Can you hear me NOW?

    I apologize my dear friends, for my recent absence. There have been a few changes going on around here. For starters, I switched telephone companies, then had to switch ISP's. A few months ago I told you about the ongoing battle between me and my old phone company. I won't mention any names but *Cough*Verizon, thephonecompanyfromhell*Cough* sucks when it comes to customer service and billing. We have been involved in a huge billing dispute for over 2 years and at this point, I am turning the matter over to the Texas Attorney General.

    The unfortunate thing about this is that it appears NO OTHER ISP offers DSL in my area. Verizon owns the lines in this area and refuses to rent lines to other DSL providers. At this point in time, I am back to using a dial-up connection, but maybe not for long. I may have to continue to use Verizon for DSL. I just hope the picture of my butt, with big red smoochy lips across it that I sent them doesn't come back to haunt me!

    In any case, everyone is fine! There was an email from Brian dated April 12th, to let me know he had made it back from his latest mission safe and sound! That has been the suckiest part of this whole week. Not being able to talk to him or know what has been happening over there has been driving me nuts! Of course, it goes without saying that I have missed all of you and I am soooo totally out of the loop now that it isn't funny! Never fear though, I shall get everything back in order and catch up with you all over the weekend! No more cold-turkey...I promise!
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