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    April 07, 2005

    Is there a Blog Doctor in da house?

    As you can see I, uhm...Sort of buggered up my blog just a bit. What I was attempting to do was align the sidebar content to the left, which I was able to do, but I also wanted to put a little more space between that and the main content area. As you can see, I did just the opposite and I have no idea what I changed to make it do that.

    So I freely admit that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to the inner workings of blogs, templates and the like. The question is, can someone tell me how to fix this crap? lol I wanted to maybe even put some sort of divider there, but I don't think I shall attempt that just yet.

    If anyone has a clue how to fix this, I'll be the one standing with my nose in the corner.
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