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    April 30, 2005

    Of Mice & Drunken Movie Go'ers

    Had a great time last night. A few friends and I had dinner, a few drinks and then went to see The Amityville Horror. I had heard from another friend that it wasn't very good, but it scared the pants off me! Perhaps the amount of alcohol I consumed just prior played a factor in that, but I enjoyed myself immensely! I'm not sure why exactly, but my reactions to things that really scare me, seem to be a bit out of sque. [pun intended! heh] It just doesn't seem normal to laugh hysterically when one is terrified! It wasn't the alcohol, I can assure you. I do that all the time and I've yet to figure out why. That didn't seem to draw so much attention, as the fact that once I started laughing, my friends got tickled and we were all howling with laughter! I'm pretty sure the others would've liked to have us kicked out, but somehow they managed to tolerate our behavior.

    Unfortunately, our plans for today might be put on hold. It's a bit rainy and rain does not make for a good day at the lake. We have a few other friends coming in from San Antonio and they have yet to arrive so it may still clear up in time for us to salvage the day.

    In other news, I think there is a rat in my house. I'm not sure really. I haven't seen the culprit yet. It could be a mouse, or a bug with really large teeth. I'll investigate and get back to you on that one. I was going to take a bag of trash to the dumpster after I got home last night, but I got as far as the front door, only to find it had started raining. I decided to return the bag back to the kitchen and leave it til morning. When I woke up there was a large gaping whole and claw marks all over the bag! Yecch! Tia has no front claws so I know she isn't the guilty party. The sad part is that now I have a cat and a mouse peacefully cohabitating with each other! Even worse, I will probably have to leave Tia with my mother overnight, so that I can catch the mouse with a trap and not HER! What a sissy!
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