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    May 11, 2005

    How do you tell someone to lose your number?

    He may work on the 9th floor, but I don't think there's much goin' on upstairs! Don't get me wrong. He is very nice looking, but as far any brain activity goes, he's pretty much a dud. Mr. 9th Floor called Tuesday night. We talked for a while and for some reason, it just wasn't clicking. I dunno how to explain it really. For one, he seems to like to talk baby talk and then a later reference to me as his "future wifey" had me searching for the eject button! EEEK!

    From now on I won't give it up so easily. The digits I mean.

    I admit that I'm not very good at this whole dating thing. One thing I'm rotten at is saying "sorry, but you're not my type". We talked again briefly last night before I went out with some friends. I basically thanked him for lunch again and cut the conversation short. He asked if I was busy this weekend and I truthfully told him I have plans. He didn't seem to get it and said he'd give me a call Sunday. I told him I probably wouldn't be home until late. He says, "Ok, I'll talk to you on Monday". Like a dork, I said "Okay".


    Just shoot me now please.

    RE: Michele - I did in fact ask him about his blog and get this! He said he was just kidding, that he didn't really have a blog. Um...hello? Who lies about having a blog?!! I can maybe see lying and saying you don't have one... I think maybe that's really the case. lol
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