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    May 16, 2005

    I vote we do away with Monday's!

    My apologies for not being on top of things today. It's Monday and I'm draggin' ass. Whoever invented Mondays should be shot. [Disclaimer: I am not advocating that anyone be shot, I'm just sayin'!]

    In other news, Six Flags Astro-World was very much fun! Saturday, five adults and myself [who is not yet an adult] adopted a few brats for the day and all 14 of us wreaked havoc on the place. I am not sure how we managed to avoid it, but you'll be happy to hear that we were not kicked out on our tushies. The good news is that we had sense enough to go before the typical, Texas summertime temperatures reached 2000 degrees and I did not suffer from heat exhaustion during this trip! I avoided caffeine, which is what did me in the last time, and although I would have killed for an ice cold Dr Pepper, I sipped water all day like a good girl. Thus my sanity and ability to sweat remained in tact!

    This, however, made me cry and fear for my life, which brought about some things that might have left others questioning my sanity, but we won't discuss that any further. Suffice it to say, I do not recommend this ride.

    One thing I found particularly funny this weekend was a conversation I had with T's daughter, J. She and her friend were telling us that some of their friends have had sex. After some gentle questioning, I discovered that at 12, she wasn't exactly sure about all the details of sex, but she proudly informed me that she knows what 96 is! It was then that it became clear that she certainly knows a hell of a lot more than I do!
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