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    My version of a Totally Sque'd reality!

    May 17, 2005

    Opinions: Everybody's got one!

    Given the recent event's in my life, I have decided I am not going to date for a while. I am going to take some time to reflect and decide what is best for Sque. In the meantime, I've got some things rolling around in this brain of mine and perhaps you can help.

    For a while now I've been thinking about my "type". Now that I am single again, I find my self wondering if I should focus on my type or letting the cards fall where they may. It seems to me that if you focus too much on "type", then you may be overlooking some really cool people.

    For most of my "dating life", I've had no clue what my type was. It wasn't until I met someone that I really clicked with that I even realized there might be a "type" for me. I dated this person for seven months prior to meeting the tosser. We had tons of things in common. Everything from tastes in music, to political opinions, to common goals and life dreams, with lots more in between. Everything seemed to fit and the chemistry between us was amazing! By now, you must be wondering why, if this person was your type and so amazing, aren't you with this person and why were you planning to marry the Tosser! Valid questions!

    The person of which I speak [we'll call him RC for Robo-Cop...Yes, he was a cop too] had been recently divorced, had 2 young daughters and had recently moved back to Texas. We met, everything clicked, his daughters spent most of the summer with him and everything was grand. After RC's daughters returned home to their mother in another state, he realized he was miserable living so far away from them. I couldn't blame him. I would have been too. The love he had for his girls was part of what attracted me to him. His commitment to his children reminded me very much of my own father and I supported his decision to move closer to them so that he could be a part of their lives. At that point, neither of us were anywhere near ready to commit to anything permanent, so we opted for the long distance type of relationship. It worked for a while, then it became clear that it was painfully difficult and entirely too expensive to maintain, so we amicably parted ways.

    I later met the tosser and although he didn't exactly fit what I believed to be my "type", I fell in love with him. I don't want to reminisce too much on that because at this point, I'd just as soon forget that chapter of my life for obvious reasons. My point here is that deep down, and I hate to admit this, I wonder if I was settling. I have enjoyed the single life, except for the dating part and marriage has not been a top priority for me, but looking back on it now I can't help but wonder what I was thinking! I realize now that although I loved him and we were attracted to each other, that amazing chemistry wasn't there. We had things in common, but some of the things I realize now are important to me just were not there.

    So during this period of reflection, I turn to you my friends. We've all been here and I think most of you can relate in some way, whether you're single, just dating, in a serious, non married relationship or married. We may focus on this for a while around here if there's enough interest. Lord knows I need some input and what better place is there to find an opinion?! I welcome it from anyone, male and female alike. Lurkers...I'm talking to you too! I know you have opinions!

    Today's question: Did or do you currently focus on people that are your "type" or is that over-rated?
    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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