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    May 10, 2005

    The Scoop

    Lunch was nice! He's a guy that works in my building and we've been eyeballing each other in the elevator most mornings. I work on the 7th floor and he works on the 9th. I found out Saturday that he tapped the brain of one of my colleagues to see if I was single! Well, as luck would have it I AM! So yesterday he asked me for a lunch date and of course, I accepted.

    I was a bit nervous, but we grazed, we talked and we had a very nice time. Unfortunately, like the slut that I am, I gave it up! He asked for the digits and I gave them up faster than the national deficit rises per second! I did not, however, rake everything off the table and ravage his body. I think I can hold out a little bit longer on that one. The good news is that I didn't drool even once. Ok, well I did once, but he didn't see so that doesn't count.

    All in all, we had a very nice time. One funny thing did happen.
    Here's part of our parting conversation...

    Him: I am so gonna blog about this lunch date!
    Me: Oh so you're a Blogger?
    Him: Who doesn't have a blog?
    Me: Well fine, I'm blogging about this too then!

    We gotta find his BLOG!!!
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