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    May 09, 2005

    Thankful: It's what's for Supper

    If there is one thing my Father is known for it is his ability to turn a piece of bovine flesh into the most orgasmic grilled steak one might ever have the privilege of sinking their teeth into. Even live cows from the pasture come strolling up, drooling over the aroma that drifts from the grill as he cooks those steaks! Suffice it to say that when my dad is grilling steak, we make damn sure to show up with a voracious appetite!

    On one such occasion, we all gathered around the dinner table as we were about to have dinner. As usual, we were about to say grace, when my then eight year old niece Sierra offered to say the prayer. My Step-Mom told her she could and we bowed our heads. She began our typical dinner prayer..."Come Lord Jesus, be our guest and let this food to us be blessed". When she got to the end, instead of saying Amen, Sierra began her own list of things that she was thankful for. "Thank you Jesus for my Mommy & Daddy, thank you for my Aunt Suzy and the new Barbie she bought for me, thank you for Granny & Papa, and thank you for my Brother and Sister". At this point I'm thinking okay, she's included just about everyone, she'll be wrapping this up here in a second. She continues, "Thank you Jesus for my cousins Tara, Merritt and Donovan and Riley and Taylor and Tucker and Tanner and Chase and"... I'm thinking good grief I'm starving and I think our food is getting cold, I wish she'd hurry up! Sierra continues, "and thank you for my Sunday school teacher and all my friends at Sunday School, like Heather, Kara, Lauren and Dillon and Katie and"... The list of things she was thankful for had seemingly become miles long. At this point my stomach has gone beyond growling. I look up slightly at my dad and a few others and although her prayer was very sweet, we were all drooling over the steak in front of us like a mad dogs with rabies. She continued, "And thank you for our new puppies and our cat and our mama dog and"... I began humming songs in my head to distract myself from the hunger pangs. "And thank you for GrandMother D and for letting us ride in her golf cart, and thank you for all the fish we caught and thank you for Tara's gold fish too and thank you for my whole family. In your name we pray"... I'm thinking YES, she's done! She continues, "Oh and thank you for whatever it is... That... Thing... That my Mommy and Daddy did to make me. Amen". I looked up to see eight eyes bulging out of their sockets! All nine of us tried as hard as we could to choke back the snorts and giggles!

    Oh yes indeed Sierra! We must all be thankful for that! You have no Idea how thankful we are!

    I don't think we will be letting her pray out loud once she is old enough to figure that one out.
    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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