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    June 13, 2005

    And the verdict is....?

    Wow, not guilty verdicts on all charges! I can't say I saw that coming. I was hoping for a not guilty verdict because I have been such a huge fan, but I wish I felt more certain about his innocence. I really hate the media circus surrounding these types of trials, but in a way I wish I could have heard the evidence as it was presented. Mostly because I'd like to put this to rest in my own mind. I was able to watch or record most of the OJ Simpson trial, and although I believed the evidence, and believed him to be guilty, I was able to understand why that jury came up with their verdict. As presented, they had no other choice. I guess in this particular case, all I can do is hope this is the right verdict and that justice has been served appropriately.

    I heard the news that the jurors have a verdict in the Jackson trial and I gotta say, I'm sort of nervous for the guy. I was/still am a fan. I've had mixed feelings about this whole thing all along. I mean, the thought of someone doing that to a child just...sends me into orbit and if the guy is guilty, god help him! He deserves whatever he gets and probably then some! On the other hand, I can totally see how greed might drive someone to falsely accuse him. Both situations enrage and sadden me.

    Unlike the OJ Simpson murder case, we have not been privy to daily testimony in this trial, so I wouldn't dare offer a guess at what the truth is or what the verdict might be. All I hope for is justice.

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