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    June 19, 2005

    Have you already had your last chance?

    It has been a very sad week for the Sque family. This past week, my niece; my sister in law's daughter from a previous marriage, was killed in a car accident. Actually, she and her boyfriend were both killed...instantly. They were both 23 years old and have a 2 year old daughter.

    While this has been very upsetting to all of us, I can only hope that she [they] are finally free of the demons that have been haunting them for so long. They both had severe drug problems and their lives over the past few years had been spinning out of control. It started with several car accidents, both arrested for drugs, a little jail time, their daughter being removed from their home, fights with parents and family. Right before this happened, my niece was about to lose custody of her own daughter, permanently. She was given one last chance by the judge, to try and get her act together. Her own mother had temporary custody of her daughter and she was to check into rehab this past weekend. She never made it. Little did anyone know, she'd already had her last chance.

    I guess someone else is in charge of last chances.

    I don't know or understand much about death or what happens to us when we're gone, but I hope somehow, she is given a chance to start over if that's possible. She was a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful person. I'm not sure where things went wrong for her. Perhaps she took a wrong turn somewhere, but I know in my heart that this wasn't the path that she was destined to. I cannot imagine that this was God's plan for her. All I know is that I hope she can somehow have another chance to shine. It is also my hope that her daughter Madison will not be haunted by this for the rest of her life. We love her and will do our best to see her through. I pray that God will guide her throughout her life and that he has many many blessings in store for her.

    Any prayers, good juju's or whatever your thing is, send some her way please.
    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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