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    August 23, 2005

    Save, Save, Save! That's my new motto!

    I am finding that I'm liking this new job more and more each day. I had no idea that companies were so concerned about saving on gasoline! I kid you not, my company [which shall remain nameless because they have a strict blogging policy! Ugh!] actually gives cash incentives to those who carpool. They also hold monthly luncheons for those who are looking for others in their area to carpool with. There are incentives for using public transportation and they will allow certain employee's to work from home now when possible. They have also installed some very nice kitchen facilities [2 on each floor] for employee's to make lunches and some co-workers even take turns preparing lunch meals each day to feed x number of people. All you have to do to participate is cook 1 meal per 13 days that will feed x number of people. The number changes periodically as more gain interest or no longer wish to participate. I just recently joind that particular bandwagon myself! The reason they've done this is an effort to help us avoid leaving work for lunch and again, avoid wasting even more gasoline and money of course. I'm guessing this is the same reason they implemented in house day care as well. Of course there are other bonuses to that. I know if I had kids, I would love the fact that I wasn't across town if my child needed me!

    Yesterday, we received a memo that they are building a very large workout type facility that will be available to us next Spring. These facilities will include a swimming pool, saunas, showers, an indoor track, workout equipment, free weights, cardiovascular workouts, raquetball courts, basketball courts, aerobics and trainers to assist us with daily workout needs! I can't remember everything they listed, but it was a huge list to be sure! I am totally jazzed about this!

    I am very impressed to say the least. I'm kinda getting into this whole economical savings thing. In fact, I may even start doing my dishes, showering and getting ready for work each morning right there at the office! You know...Just to save water and stuff! I wonder if any of my future dinner guests would freak out I did my dishes while I shower?
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