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    August 10, 2005

    Whole lot'o shakin' going' on

    Okay...Everyone breathe with me now! Inhale in...And exhale slowly. Deep cleansing breath in, deep cleansing breath out. Okay, stop. You're beginning to sound like obscene phone callers!!!

    I promise everything is fine with me. I will confess that I was having a rough time if it for a while. From the time Brian and I broke up, through the end of June, things were a bit crazy around here and the craziness became a bit overwhelming. Rest assured that I have pulled myself together and things are going well now.

    I didn't set out to totally ignore my blog and I have missed you guys like crazy. I have so much to update on it isn't even funny! I've moved...Also landed a new job too! I am extremely happy about that! Things seem to be on a much more positive track now and I am feeling much, much better all around.

    So hang in there guys! I'm workin' like a dog getting things wrapped up with the move and I'll be blogging again in no time! I promise!!! Thank you all for your concern and encouragement and emails and care and support and jokes and all the pornography links and the discount Viagra links and the penis enlargement information. You guys really know how to come through for a buddy and make her feel better! You guys are so awesome!

    What's that?

    You didn't send the porn, Viagra and bigger weenie information?

    *Crickets begin chirping*
    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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