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    September 22, 2005

    Anyone up for a hurricane Party?


    So yeah, we're in the direct path of Hurricane Rita! I have to admit that I have never really been through one of these, so I'm not sure what to expect. I recall one hitting the Galveston area in the mid 80's, but I was in Hawaii at the time, so really have no clue about these things. When we returned home, it seemed as though nothing had happened and at that point we were about 100 miles inland. I suppose the difference this time around is that I am roughly 150 miles inland and this freak of nature is a category FIVE! *Que-Rock you like a Hurricane* I may have to upload that now that I think about it! *grins*

    See the red thingy up there in Texas? That is my current location and with any luck, my home will not be picked up and moved into another zip code.

    The plan for now is that we'll stay put, but that may change! I will spend tomorrow securing patio furniture and stocking up on non perishable foods and batteries and lots of toilet paper in case I crap my pants! haha I may even go so far as buying a package of depends. Ya just never know and I shall not be caught unprepared! If it gets too bad, plan B is to panic and drive North like the big chicken that I am, at the last minute. Tia says she's ready and will travel! In fact, she is already asleep in the carrier! She's a smart one that cat!

    In any case, I'll keep ya posted! I may even blog periodically during the night Friday and during the day Saturday! Assuming the electricity holds out through the storm. Now don't go getting all panicked! The Weather Channel is only calling for a 70% chance of rain, with 25 MPH winds at this point, for my area. I think I can survive that. Heck we have worse springtime thunderstorms worse than that! Lets just pray to keep the tornadoes away, shall we? I would really appreciate that, and some extra heavy duty prayers for those along the coast!

    Updates on some other stuffs to come later!

    Stay tuned for further weather developments.
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