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    September 23, 2005

    Chaos is putting it mildly...

    It looks a bit like Rita might be turning north and might hit around the Texas-Louisiana Border. Of course, you can't tell that by our local media! It's almost as if they are trying to strike fear into us on purpose. Each local station is saying something different. One says "there is no need to leave. Just expect tropical storm force winds [as if thats no big deal], heavy rain, thunder and the possibility of a tornado". Another station is saying emergency shelters in our area are closing and that voluntary evacuation "may" be encouraged. That evacuee's from the Houston/Galveston area are to continue north of our area, as we may be evacuating. Uhm Hello? There isn't an available hotel room in the State of Texas! Gasoline to go anywhere? Non-existant! I searched seven different stores yesterday for ONE friggen flashlight...Do you think I found one? Tea candles are the best I could some up with! Then I had to ask myself, why do I not own a flashlight? Normal people own flashlights. Sque does not own even one flashlight and the day I would like to buy a flashlight, our city is fresh out of...dare I say it again? Yes I shall. Flashlights!

    Note to self: Buy a few flashlights after the hurrican passes FFS!

    B/CS is my city... Please let that thing turn NORTH like it was forecasted to!

    I really hate for Louisana to take more of a beating than they already have, but it's a very scary feeling to have that thing staring down our throats like that. Where ever it hits, I just pray all have evacuated and that as many folks as possible are spared even more devistation. Whew...I just don't see how Florida can keep withstanding these things.

    I'll update again later. Stay tuned!

    Jack LaLanne Juicer

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